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The Dataist world economic database covers macro-economic data for countries that take more than 90% of the world total GDP. China economic data includes all provinces and main cities macro data. Data range covers period from year 2000 up to 2030. For more data coverage.

Source and methodology

The Dataist world economic data and China economic data are based on the office data from national or regional officials. Forecasting data is generated by the Dataist world linked model and China linked model, then reviewed by economic specialist. Linked models calculate the domestic demand for each country and region according to the level of each GDP components. Countries are linked via international trade supply-demand model, form a closed link.

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Gini Coefficient

Gini coefficient is a common way to measure inequality of income/wealth across a population in a region. The coefficient ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 representing perfect equality and 1 representing perfect inequality. It helps to give an overview on how income/wealth in an economy is distributed.

Urbanisation and GDP Per Capita

Urbanisation is a proportion that population living in the urban area, which reflects a geographic region’s modernisation and human concentration level. It is a key reference coordinate for measuring economy, infrastructure situation and living standard level.


Migration inject vitality into the economy of the cities in which it drives the growth of urban consumption and fiscal revenue growth. Liabour migrants in certain aspect reflect the regional economic development imbalance. From overserving and predicting the migration structure, age and trends, it can be inferred back the future development trend and potentials for a region or country.

Household Structure

Household structure reflects the family and social structure for a geographic region. Micro level, family structure affects the individual’s family outlook, values and lifestyles. Macro level it maps the labour organisation and community form for an entire society.